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How to Choose the Best Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine

If your cat has a problem with going to the bathroom in places they shouldn’t you’re definitely going to want to look at enzyme-based cleaners. These are the ones you’ll want to look at because they actually break down enzymes in the urine. That not only cleans and sterilized the area but also gets rid of the smell, which makes your cat less likely to do the same again. So take a look at each of these features of different cleaners and how they can work for you and your household. Then we’ll know what is the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine.

Package Size: How large is the bottle or package? This is about the value of the product for the Size and cost you’re getting.

Type: The type is going to be about your personal preference. You can decide what is convenient for you to use.

Natural: Some people like to buy an all-natural product so make sure you pay attention to what you prefer here.

Pieces: How many pieces or containers are you getting for the cost? This is also about the overall value and being informed.

Use: Where can you use the cleaner? What type of materials or surfaces is it best for? You want to know the options.

Money Back Guarantee: If the product doesn’t work can you get your money back? This gives you a guarantee of quality.

Top 10 Products

If you have a problem with your cat using the rest of your house as a litter box you definitely need an enzyme cleaner. There are plenty of them out there but you want something high quality and that means taking a closer look at each of the codes we’ve found for you. Each one is going to help improve your home and clean up after your pet so you don’t have to worry about the smell or the mess. Just make sure you’re looking closely at the Options for you.

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator

Our top pick is actually a moderately priced product that’s specially designed to take care of pet odor and stains that are left behind. This small business is actually family run and provides 100% guarantees on everything that they offer. Even better, their product is all natural, so you know you’re getting something high quality, that you can actually count on to work. In fact, it can even be used to clean up entirely non-pet related spills. What’s really going to be great about this is that it has no chlorine, no residue and no hazardous propellants that are harmful to your pets and your children. This spray bottle is also color safe, which means you can trust it on your furniture, your carpeting and a whole lot more. Just spray it on, wherever you want it, furniture, carpets, clothing, kennels and a whole lot more. It will work or you get your money back.

Simple Solution Pet Odor Remover

Our budget pick best enzyme cleaner for pet urine is still going to be a great option if you have pets that are making a mess throughout your house. This is actually the higher strength version, which is designed to give you even more cleaning power when it comes to not just the stains that your pets can leave behind, but the odors as well. Not only that but you get a 3-in-1 spray bottle that’s designed to give you options for just how you want to spray down the area, with a mist, a stream or foam. That’s what makes it effective for different kinds of cleaning. Available in an original or a scented formula, this product is actually all natural and made with few ingredients to make it even safer for you to use in your home and around your children and pets. All you need to do is try it out and you’ll see.

Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats

With this product, you’re going to get something that’s specially targeted for urine. Not only that but it’s a pour on bottle, which means you’re going to have no problem getting it right where you want it without having to worry about a spray bottle that can actually get the area around what you want too. You’ll have a solution for not only the urine itself but the residue that it leaves behind and that’s going to make it less likely your pet will use the same place as their litter box again. Not only that but you can use it on furniture, carpeting, hard surfaces floors, and fabrics. You’re also going to love the scent, which is light and fresh, meaning you’re getting rid of that awful smell and replacing it with something that’s so much better. All you have to do is give it a try and if you decide that you don’t like it or it doesn’t work you can get your money back.

TriNova Natural Enzyme Cleaner

This totally natural pet cleaner is designed to take care of stains and odors quickly and easily. Not only that but it’s fully organic and everything you’re getting is clearly listed, so you know what’s inside. You’ll be able to clean up your home and also neutralize the harmful bacteria in urine and stains, breaking them down and drying them out. Completely safe around your children and pets, it’s entirely toxin and chemical free and it’s actually great for many surfaces. You can use this on most surfaces such as carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Made in the USA, you’re going to have no problem getting rid of those stains and cutting down on the chances that your pet is going to do this again. After all, the odor is part of what brings your pets back to the same place again and again.

BUBBAS Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

This jug is actually a concentrate that’s really going to help you clean up your home. That’s because you get to mix it up to the concentration that you need and then you can use it on a range of different surfaces from carpet, rugs and hardwood floors to upholstery, shoes, clothes and more. No matter where you have any kind of odor (from pets or not) you’ll be able to use this product to help you take care of it. You’ll get a professional grade cleaning and you’re going to have no problem using it around your family. This cleaner is actually child and pet safe, so you can use it without concern about your family. With 128 ounces of product, you’re definitely going to have plenty to get your house fresh and clean again, no matter what your pets have been doing. Plus, you can try it out risk-free because there’s a money back guarantee included with your purchase.

Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

Designed for all types of pet messes, this is the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine and takes care of stains and odors that are left behind. This natural formula is great for carpeting, floors, furniture and a whole lot more as well, which means you can use just one product throughout your entire house. Because it helps to get rid of the smell you can also prevent repeat marking, which is always a problem when your cat first starts to mark their territory in areas that you definitely don’t want them to. What’s really great about this product is you get a money back guarantee. That means you can try it out and see how it works in your household and then return it if there’s a problem. You’ll also love that it’s safe to use around kids and pets.

Life Miracle Enzyme Cleaner

This concentrate is going to help you get rid of just about anything because it’s designed to work on rugs, carpeting, cars, and upholstery. You’ll also be able to get rid of stains as well as the smells that go with them and you can make a total of 128 ounces of cleaner with just a single bottle. Safe for use around your children and pets, this cleaner gets rid of the chemicals that you definitely don’t want and uses all natural products to take care of the problems you’re seeing now. You’re going to love the way that it works on anything your pets make a mess on. Great for stains that include blood, sweat, oil, berries, makeup and more, this is something you’re going to want to keep around for all of your cleaning needs. You’ll easily be able to get rid of all those other cleaning products you have hanging around.

SmugPets Enzyme Urine Cleaner

When your pets start making a mess in your home you definitely need a high-quality product to take care of it quickly. This is a great option that’s considered extra strength and great for getting rid of odors as well as stains. You’ll love that it works quickly and that it’s highly effective for eliminating urine from just about any type of material. Not only that but it’s made in the USA, so you know what you’re getting and you know that it’s going to be exactly what you expect. Completely non-toxic and safe around your children and pets, this spray bottle is all natural and actually removes the smell rather than just masking odors that could prompt your pets to return to the scene of the crime again and again.

Emmy’s Best Pet Odor Remover

Here you’re going to have no problem getting rid of stains and odors as well as stopping your pet from marking their territory yet again. That’s because this product is designed to power through all types of messes from urine, feces, vomit and a whole lot more. It’s designed to leave a good smell behind, rather than the smell of toxic chemicals and it’s actually considered one of the best options out there. You’re going to have something that’s actually guaranteed to work as well. You don’t have to worry about anything because if there’s a problem you have a satisfaction guarantee to fall back on. The spray bottle makes it super easy to use and the lavender scent is going to be great for everyone around. Plus, it’s completely safe for your children and for your pets, which you won’t find with most chemical-based products.

Furniture Clinic Urine Remover

This product is great for use just about anywhere, from carpeting, clothing, and mattresses to floors, leather and a whole lot more. You’ll be able to use it around your children and pets because it’s totally safe and you can trust it to really get the job done. It’s designed to get rid of the odor from urine, as well as from older accidents that may not have been cleaned up as well. This product is going to make it a whole lot easier for you to get your house smelling better and keep your pets from marking any other areas in your space. You’ll be able to notice the results right away too because if you don’t there’s actually a money back guarantee. You just let the company know, send the product back and you can get a full refund just for trying it out.

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