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How to Choose the Best Brush for Your Cat

If you have a cat then you already know that they shed … a lot. You know that whether they have short hair or long hair you tend to find it absolutely everywhere. Well, brushing them can definitely help with that, if you know what kind of brush to get. You need something that’s going to help you and them keep better groomed. It may not always be easy, but it’s definitely going to be possible if you know where to look. Like looking at each of these features of a great brush for your cat.

Hair Length: What kind of hair length is it designed for? Is it best for short-haired cats, long-haired cats or both? You want a match for your cat.

Size: How large is the brush? You want something that will clean up your cat quickly enough but that isn’t going to be too large at the same time.

Matted Hair: Will it work for matted hair? This can be really difficult to brush out but it’s something that needs to be done for your cat.

DeShedding: With the brush actually cut down on the amount of shedding that your cat does? That’s the whole point, right?

Material: Is it made of wood or plastic or something else? The material may not be super important, but it’s something to consider.

Ergonomic Handle: An ergonomic handle makes it easier for you to hold onto the brush for a longer period of brushing, though it’s not a necessity.

Top 10 Products

Cat brushes are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the research and just pick up anything. You want to make sure you have a great brush that’s going to keep your cat clean and far more comfortable (not to mention your couch free of fur). So, which brushes should you be looking at? We’ve narrowed things down to our top ten favorite picks. That way, you don’t have to go do all the research and instead, you can just pick out the specific brush that you like best out of our already prepared list.

Furminator Undercoat deShedding Brush

This simple brush comes in several different sizes and styles but it’s definitely the best brush for long-haired cats. It’s made with stainless steel for the deshedding edge, which means that it can get right in under the topcoat and it can help to remove some of the loose hair without hurting your cat in the process. The handle is fully ergonomic, so you’ll be able to hold onto it easily while you’re brushing and it’s made with plastic, so it’s actually more comfortable than some of the other options you’ll find. What’s really great about this brush is that it also works on matted hair and it allows you to get rid of the hair that it captures super easy. All you have to do is push the button and the hair is pushed right off the end so you can throw it away without touching anything.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Brush

Our budget pick is a great choice for both long and short haired cats as well as dogs. It’s a small tool but it has a plastic design that’s durable and easier for you to hold. On top of that, it has an ergonomic handle for brushing when your cat isn’t quite sure they want to be brushed. Designed to help with shedding, detangling and even removing mats, this brush has stainless steel bristles to make sure it gets rid of all the loose fur and works its way through mats but that it isn’t going to hurt your pets. You’ll be able to use this brush for everyday grooming or for infrequent times when you need to worry about mats or anything else. You’ll be able to help your pet easily with this brush and you won’t have to spend much in order to do it.

GoPets Dematting Comb

If you want the best brush for cats then this dematting comb is definitely something you want to look at even closer. It actually has a unique style that’s designed to really get any of the loose hair your cat may have as well as any matted hair. It does this with the use of a density side and undercoat rake as well as a dematting rake on the opposite side. With just this one single tool you’re going to have all of the benefits that you need and that you would expect from a full lineup of products for your cat. Because it has sharp teeth to get through the hair more easily, you’ll also find that this brush has rounded ends to make sure that it’s not too rough for our pet. There’s even a silicone gel built right into the handle so that you feel more comfortable when you’re working on those difficult mats.

Hertzko Slicker Brush

If you need the best brush for matted cat fur this is a great choice because it’s one that your cat (or your dog) is going to love. It’s a simple slicker brush with a plastic design and the ability to get rid of loose hair, mats, and tangles. It’s moderately priced and has bristles just long enough to get into the undercoat of your cat’s fur. That way, it’s pulling out any of the loose fur before it gets all over your house. And it does all of this in a way that makes sure it’s not hurting your pet. The anti-slip design of the handle and the comfort grip are designed to keep you brushing for as long as you need to in order to get rid of those tangles and keep your cat super happy. You’re going to love the way your pets look when you’re done brushing them and they’re going to feel a whole lot better too.

Pets Neat Grooming Brush

This is definitely the best cat brush for short hair or long hair and provides you with a comb design that’s made to remove loose hair and reduce shedding. It’s moderately priced, which means you shouldn’t have a problem picking one up for yourself and for your own cats and dogs. In as little as 10 minutes this comb says that it can remove up to 95% of the loose hair and reduce shedding. That’s definitely going to be worth the cost that you have involved. Because of the design of the comb, it gets right through the undercoat of your cat’s fur and gets rid of loose fur without hurting them. Whether you decide to get this brush for yourself or to get it for a friend or someone else who has cats, it’s definitely going to be a great pick. There’s even a cover to protect the blade when you’re not using it so it’s always prepared and in the best shape possible to get your cat looking great again.

Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Brush

This brush looks like the standard one that you’ve probably used a lot with your cat but there’s a reason that’s the standard. It definitely works. This brush is able to work with cats who have any type of fur, whether long or short and it helps cut down on shedding and get rid of mats. It does all of this with a super comfortable and ergonomic handle design that makes it a lot easier for you to hold onto while you’re brushing your cat down. The pins here are made with stainless steel so they’re durable and high quality and there’s even a simple push lever to get rid of the fur that’s stuck in the brush. That way, you’re not going to have to clean it up or touch anything. This brush definitely makes the whole process easy and it’s a moderately priced option while you’re at it.

Glendan Cat Brush

Available in two colors and two different sizes this might just be the best brush for Persian cat. It’s slightly oversized to make sure you’re getting a larger area of fur all at once and it’s designed to help remove mats, dirt, and dander. All of this means it’s going to keep your cat a whole lot cleaner and help them feel and look their best at the same time. Because it’s a slicker brush your cat also gets a bit of a massage and plenty of blood circulation benefits at the same time. The handle is designed to be comfortable and to keep you from losing your grip, plus there’s a 90-day money back guarantee if you decide you don’t like the brush. On top of that, you’re also going to have a 1-year quality guarantee and a lifetime of great customer service.

barkOutfitters Cat Brush

If you want a cat brush for long-haired cats this is another great way to go. It helps to remove the loose fur in your cat’s undercoat and also helps get rid of shedding, mats, tangles, and even hairballs because of all the excess hair it removes. The brush itself is a little chunky, but it’s going to be easier to hold onto because of the design and it gives you more control while you’re brushing your cat. There’s even a 5-year quality guarantee, so you know you’re getting something that you won’t mind using for a long time to come. There’s a button on the back of the brush to get rid of the hair that builds up while you brush. That way you don’t ever have to touch it. Your cat is going to look a whole lot better and they’re actually going to be in better physical shape as well, all because they get their fur brushed frequently.

HaloVa Doubled Sided Brush

This may look more like a human brush, but it’s actually the best cat brush for long-haired cats. It’s a 2 sided brush that allows you to remove loose hair, get rid of tangles and knots and even help remove dander and dirt. All of this together helps you to create a comfortable outcome for your cat or even your dog. The pin brush design has rounded ends that are more comfortable for your pet and the handle is actually made of wood so you can get a good grip. You’ll have a one-year replacement and a full, lifetime warranty, so if anything happens to your brush you can contact the company. Your pets are going to be looking a whole lot better and you’re definitely going to appreciate the fact that this brush is simple to use, just like you’d brush your own hair.

CleanHouse Cat Hair Brush

If you want to cut down on the shedding you’re definitely going to want this brush. It has a super comfortable handle to make sure you can hold onto it all day and it has a unique, bright color to make sure you know where it is all the time. You can use this for cats with long or short hair and because it’s a slicker brush you’re going to have no problem smoothing their hair and making sure that it really shines. Designed to get rid of loose hair in the undercoat as well as matted fur, this brush is one you can use on just about any one of your pets. There’s a self-cleaning button that takes care of getting rid of the hair without you having to touch anything and the bristle design is intended to work through your pet’s fur quickly and easily, without hurting them in the process.

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